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Finishing What You Started:

In 2018 we set so many goals that we may or may not have conquered and that is ok, the goals you set may not be finished in the timelines we give ourselves. A lot of these goals have to do with home renovations. So my goal for 2019 is to help you conquer some of those home reno goals and do it in a realistic timeline and within your budget.

One of my favorite clients last year decided to refinish their childhood home that they had purchased. When we started the process, they had so many amazing ideas and wanted to get them finished right away. They soon realized that that goals and timeline they gave themselves was not realistic. We see these HGTV shows throw an entire home reno together in just a few weeks and think we can do the same. Realistically these renos take a few months and an army of workers. Most of the time they lead you to believe that anyone can do it in just a few weeks. Well, when it comes to a budget and a family with an 8-year-old, 2.5-year-old and newborn we had to work around some schedules. Le’s take a look at where the project started and how we got to the finished product.

This is the before picture of the area we were renovating. The colors were dark, the wood on the floor and cabinets was weathered, and we had to unexpectedly tear down and replace some dry wall.

This is the kitchen just getting started for remodel. Dark walls, old weathered wood cabinets and floors.

A close up of a window

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The fun part was putting together the mood board for the project. I love getting to talk through ideas with my clients and help them design their space to make it their own. My client knew exactly what she wanted which made the process go a lot faster. We were able to make a few changes to the board to fit her custom choices.


Once we had our design laid out we began to move fast on the project. We were able to put the floor down, new cabinets in, and the beautiful marble countertop. Baby number three arrived for this family during the mist of the remodeling but luckily we only had a few elements of the design left to finish.

A large empty room

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A kitchen with stainless steel appliances

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To save a little money my clients husband was able to finish the back splash on his own. At the end of it all the space came out beautiful. It was a long road with bumps and turns along the way, but no matter what change we had to make we were able to finish what we started.

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